Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Wreath

Not the best photo I already put it in storage before I got a picture of it. This was a simple, cheap (didn't cost me a thing because I had all the materials) project and super fun. There are 10 stars I made from old cereal boxes here's where I found the instructions on how to make the stars:
I only made them one sided. I covered them with scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and velum with glitter on it. I used mod-podge to glue the paper on them. What you can't see is a flat cardboard wreath I cut out from a pizza box. I traced a little circular garbage can for the wreath base. Then I used Elmers glue to glue on the shiny pieces you see all around. They are made from a balloon holder I no longer needed I got from the dollar store. I let that dry then I glued on the stars with Elmers as well. A little tricky but it worked. I added a string loop to the back to hang it and voila! My beautiful winter wreath. I think I might make another one like it for 4th of July!

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