Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kitchen Valance part 1

Can I just say if you are not on Pinterest you should be!
Here is where I got the idea and she has step by step photographs.
I did mine a little differently. The foam board I got at the dollar store!! I needed 2 pieces. I love this fabric!
Using my cutting mat and fabric cutter (looks like a pizza cutter) I cut the pieces of foam board to the length I needed them. The whole length of one is actually two pieces taped together. You cant see it from the pictures but in the middle of each valance there is a little divot. I traced a cup on one corner of each cut out and put them together. I didn't use batting like the gal in the link did. I mod podged the heck out of these to glue them to the board. connected the corners with little L brackets and tiny screws that don't quite go all the way through. I hung them to the wall with picture hangers and T pins. I love them!!

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