Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kids Picnic Table Redo

 This is what the table looked like when I bought it except a little  more faded. I got it from a yard sale and I hated the colors in my kitchen. I use it as a snack table for my little one. It was ugly and a little bit of a pain to clean so I spray painted it. That made it worse because any food that was stuck on would chip the paint so I wanted a better solution, and this is the result.

I spray painted it about 5 months ago with Rustolem for plastic spray paint. After I finished I read the "TIP" below and sure enough the paint chipped off easily over time. I don't know what effect this step would change for someone who doesn't do it.

I washed it down and took it apart, 8 whole screws. Very easy but be careful of the plastic screw covers I broke one and had to glue it on at the end.

Spray painted it with a really cheap plain black spray paint. I would say about a can and a half. While the paint was drying I used a staple gun to attach fabric and then vinyl covering for easy clean ups. I bought the vinyl at Walmart in the fabric department.

Here they are all finished in no time. Just a little tricky because the edges are rounded but I muddled through. And here is a pic of after I put it all back together. He couldn't wait to use it! Now I just need to get a better rug for underneath :)

Someone else did my project!
If you would like me to post a picture of your Picnic Table Redo E-mail it to me here: I would love to post it!

From: Codi S. One for play one for school
From: Cheri C wow love those colors
From: Just Me and My Guys
From: Happenings of the Harper Household
From: Erica R My personal friend :)
From: April M chevron loveliness 
Jami did a great tutorial of her own.
From: Nicole L. Love those those polka dots
From: Samantha so fun!
From: Lindsey J. Fitted sheet and blue paint for
Broncos Boise State napkins for the design,so thrifty!
From: The family in apartment 5
From: Amy Lee
From: Chelsea H. Awesome table!
From: Kasi B Stunning!
From: Amber Great Job!
From: Kelly K. This is ADORABLE!
From : Leanne's creative creations
From: Patty at Reasons for Chocolate
From: Ryleigh's Mom, very designer looking.
From: Angela B. Oh so cute!
From: Khrystina R. I LOVE the Skulls and Pink!!!
From: Tasha M. Apples to go with her kitchen.
From: Danielle Amazing transformation!
From: Chantelle fun fun fun!
From: Ana F. Love the colors.
From: Andrea E. sweet and simple
From: Anonymous Pink and Camo 
From: Beth B loving those colors!
From: Debra nautically awesome!
From: Sara C blue paisleys very calming
From: Codi H lovely in leather
From: Marie E see through lace vinyl over top of color fabric love it!
From: Sarah J fun in the city!
From: Debrah W Oh my heck that's cute!
From: Lori SN I love The Little Mermaid great job!
From: Jennifer G she tried to paint hers too and almost threw it out
From: Tracy G. Looks great on your porch!
From: Quenna K Missouri Tigers themed
From: Mary J Bright and beautiful under the sea!
From: Diana F. Monkeying around in pink and brown!
From: Sara G so bright and colorful with a toddler and her toys!
From: Melissa P. done with drawer liner paper, and then vinyl covering.
From: Alyson, Cars for her cute boys.
From: Krystal H, Such a cute farm girl table!
From: Stephanie S. Cute stripes!
 From: Gloria V. Go Texas!!! 
From: Mary C. WOW! Paint and decals look really cool!
From: Sarah L Fit for a Queen!
From: Faith W. Cute little froggies