Thursday, February 23, 2012

Circles in the playroom

Years ago my sister gave me a gaggle of cross-stitch hoops cause I love to stitch. I wasn't using them and then my Sis-in-law did something super cool with hers. She put material in them and hung them above her changing table I loved it so I had to copy it! I used 5 different pieces of scrapbook paper for and 12 small hoops and 1 large hoop.
I traced a Tupperware container that is just a little bigger than the hoops. Cut the circles out and placed it in the hoop like you would fabric. For the large one I cut up the scraps from the other circles, glued them to a large piece of paper. For the flower I cut that out using my Cricut. I placed and glued the flower cutout over the collage and put it in the large hoop.
I tried to place them on the wall randomly. Ta da!

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