Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shade from the Sun

I live where it's hot and I mean HOT!! Over 100 degrees is almost everyday here in the summer and we have very long summers. Our sliding glass patio door is on the south side of the house and causes lots of radiant heat. We have vertical blinds in front of it but that only helps a little. My sweet husband made me a canopy for it. There is a distinct temperature difference in my kitchen and dining area now, thanks honey!
Chain link top connector.
Drilled holes straight through the sides
of 2 of them.
1-3/8" x 10.5' pipe. Drilled holes in
both ends of 2 of these to match the
holes in the  connectors. 
Canopy rolled out in my living room
and square dowels.

I stapled the dowels to the short
ends. The edges were unfinished
and we didn't want them to fray.

We dug 2 deep holes 1 1/2 ft deep by
1 ft wide. Filled it with
quickcrete, stuck the connectors
 in drilled holes side up. When it dried
we put the pole in & ran a bolt
through & secured it with a nut.

My husband putting the snap
grommets on. We put in several
along the short ends.
They are not hard to install , the
package comes with instructions.

Put in 2 eye hooks into the eave
where there was a stud. At the
top of the poles we put eye bolts.
We tied the canopy to the eye hooks
with rope. 
Canopy package
Grommet package
We bought them at Lowe's. All said and done it cost about
 $75 roughly. In one month we noticed a $40 difference in
 our utility bill. We also put a clothesline across it.
We want to add swivel eye bolt snap hooks for
quick and easy takedown on windy days.
Thanks honey I love you!


  1. What kind of material did you use for the actual canopy? We are thinking of doing something similar as a roll down shade for our screened patio.

    1. The packaging is pictured above it's called sun screen fabric. It comes in a large roll. You can get it in several different sizes. We bought ours at Lowes in the outdoor gardening section, we also saw it at Home Depot. At Ace Hardware you could buy it unpackaged as much or as little as you want. Hope that helps :)

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