Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kids Kitchen - Habitat for Humanity

I DID NOT do this project. I am posting this for my friends at the Habitat for Humanity Of Southwest Utah ReStore! This place is awesome! They are a home improvement thrift store. All of the proceeds from the sale of items in the store goes to Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah and stay in Washington County. They sell just about anything you will need for your home. From doors and windows to flooring, lighting, appliances, calking, furniture and so much more! Anyway this is a project THEY did for an auction.

This is the Entertainment
center we started with .
The glass door HAD to go.

Primer is on.
Believe it or not we found a mini fridge door that fit the space perfect. The mini fridge was brought in for recycling.
Picture with the door closed perfect

Another coat of paint.
Added a cover over the hole in front of our sink area, this is when we also added the the black square stove

Checking out some wire racks we had to see if it would work. Okay as you can see from this picture I changed out the bottom wire racks so that it all matched.

We have also added knobs on the side by the oven for potholders. In the store we have a few kitchen organizers. The top rack holds spices the bottom rack is for slotted spoons and such.

Made a call to our local recycler, Virgin Valley Recycling. They found us the perfect phone. The burners came from a range we were tearing down for recycling!

Added the towel rack and clip as well as the drawers. We had these drawer handles in the store, they look perfect. Added a light above the sink,  non working.

Added the sink and put the doors back on the "oven" we cut it out the
center and put plexi glass in the center. The cabinet under the fridge is a "dishwasher"

Added glass tiles for a back splash. The range and oven knobs were from yet another range that was to be recycled. Added a shelf over the range for the dishes.

LOVE the window. Added the potholders, kitchen towels and washrag. A look at it finished inside. Putting on the finishing touches magnets on the fridge and potholders.

Tell me that apron is not to cute!!!

Added the measuring cups and spoons.
Isn't it lovely!


  1. Great designs! That was awesome .I was thinking of doing this in one of my rooms as the paint paint and wood works are terrible.I was like looking for some Painters in London to do some estimate, but after seeing all the work involved I think I'll start on the easiest side and work your way around. Still I want to hear something from you guys.


  2. wow, this in an amazing transformation. I wish I had one!

  3. That came out Amazing! Great idea to use a mini fridge door, and how awesome that it fit!
    I would love for you to share this on our made for or by kids linky

  4. Wow. Super impressive. I on your blog looking for the Little Tyke table makeover and saw this and had to comment.

  5. AMAZING....simply kids would have been head over heels when they were little for this (me too). And the auction proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity??...this couldn't be more perfect. =)

    1. They built it, they auctioned it and they got the proceeds Hooray for Habitat for Humanity!

  6. This transformation is amazing! I'm doing a similar one for my grandson. Will be looking. For a mini frig door.


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