Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My pretty side table

4. Sissors
5. Yard stick
6.  Foam paint brush
7. Vinyl covering
8. Black paint (not shown)
Here are the supplies I used:
1. Cute fabric of choice
2. Mod podge
3.  Staple gun

This is the boring plain wood TV tray
that we got from the thrift store
I measured and cut the fabric and
stapled it to the bottom. I mod podged
it several times (if I knew I was going to
cover it with vinyl I would have skipped
this step)  

I painted the leggs
Covered it with vinyl and
stapled it with the staple gun

Ta-da here is my beautiful side table



  1. I love this! It came out great. Thank you so much for entering in the Craftastic Competition. Good luck!

  2. Where do you purchase your vinyl? Love all your ideas great job.

    1. I found it at Walmart in the fabric department.

  3. I never even thought of covering my 5 folding tables. What a great idea! Thank you.

  4. I found you through Pinterest pin of your children's picnic table. I have the same side tables as you and have been wanting to paint them to coordinate with my space. Did you have to use a special kind of paint?? I am not sure if I will use fabric or not, but the vinyl sounds like it would protect the top. Thanks for the tip, and I've pinned this one as well! :) I'm looking forward to looking at the rest of your blog!

  5. I didn't use a special kind of paint it was a small container of sample paint I got at home depot for around 3$ from the paint counter.


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