Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In my kitchen window

Here are some herbs and green onions and lettuce I have growing in my kitchen windowsill. I took ordinary jars and spray painted them white, I should have drilled holes in the bottom. I wrapped them in green tulle so cute. I placed rocks in the bottom and a string. I placed dirt on top of that and pulled the string up through the dirt and put my plant starts on top of that. When I water them whatever falls to the bottom will be pulled up into the dirt by the string whenever the dirt dries out.
In the second picture I have some green onions in just a plain clear jar wrapped in the same tulle. Did you know you can regrow green onions you buy at the store? Just cut of the tops and place the bottoms in water. They will regrow the tops and you can use them over and over. You need to change the water and trim the roots about once a week and rinse the bottoms.
You can also regrow romaine lettuce. And the planters I put them in:
I don't have them growing right now but regrowing other things like celery and garlic chives are also possible: and

Thanks to all the other bloggers out there who make my life better and to pinterest for helping me find those bloggers :)


  1. Hm. I’m just wondering, why didn’t you use a greenhouse type of window for your kitchen? It can provide a wider space for your plants, as well as make your kitchen look more spacious. But anyway, if you don't have any problems with your window, then that is good enough.

    Norbert Floth

    1. I'm just using what the previous owners gave me :) I like those types of windows but my hubby hates them so I probably will never have them but thats ok my window sills and counter space behind my corner sink is plenty of room for my plants :)

  2. That’s cute, Caroline… Making the most of what you have. ;) Even though your window doesn’t provide energy-efficiency feature, it is excellent that you’re making it close to a green window through those plants. :D Aren’t you thinking of using a long, prism-shaped container, so you can put more plants? The bushier, the better it’ll be for your kitchen environment.

    Sandra Ludwig

    1. Wow if only I had that kind of money. Honestly windows are a very low priority on a very very long list of home improvements that we want/need for our home. And the containers are just things I already had so I didn't have to spend money on fancy containers. but thanks for the suggestion.


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